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Our Fabric

All of our fabric is made just for us!

One of the reasons it took so long (almost 2 years!) to develop our jammie line was finding the perfect fabric. We took our time carefully selecting fabric, testing samples, and heavily researching the fibers.

We fell in love with our fabric for it’s buttery soft feel, stretch, durability, and sustainability.

We chose to use a specific brand of modal fibers instead of generic modal so that we can guarantee that our products are always the highest quality, we know exactly what is in our fabric, and we appreciate the strict guidelines that are followed when producing these fibers.

Our modal fibers:

  • are made from a renewable source of beech trees harvested from sustainably managed forests in Austria and surrounding areas. 
  • are made in an environmentally sound production process
  • are structured to regulate the absorption & release of moisture which results in breathable and temperature regulating fabric that gives a cooling feeling on your skin
  • retain color vibrancy better than other fabrics and are less prone to fading even after repeat washing
  • are flexible and enhance the softness of the fabric with each wash! They are 2x as soft as cotton, and hold up better than cotton in repeat washes.
  • earned the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification. This means the fibers were tested for numerous harmful substances